A former mayor has updated a book of Marlborough place names written by his late father.

David Chandler has revised Marlborough – Local Place Names to include new streets and a series of short walks to the book compiled by his father Jesse, who died in 1985.

The book also contains details of Marlborough people whose names became well known for several reasons.

These include Eglantyne Jebb, who taught at St Peter’s Boys’ School and went on to found Save the Children; Cardinal Wolsey, who was ordained in St Peter’s Church in 1498; the Maurice family of doctors who ministered to the town for generations; Thomas Hancock (1786-1865), who invented the process to vulcanise rubber; his brother Walter, who built the first steam-powered passenger coach; and William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies.

The book says the Chandler family were saddlers in the town and Jesse Chandler is listed as “a local historian”.

Modestly, the book mentions the Chandler family’s seven generations of saddleries, but does not have room to record Jesse’s long list of achievements.

He was a world authority on The Bounty, of mutiny fame, and its Captain Bligh.

In the 1960s, he was invited to Hollywood to advise on the MGM film, Mutiny on the Bounty.

Jesse, who died aged 75 in 1985, was a leading ship modeller, and also wrote A History of Saddlery.

Son David, now 74, who went into the family’s saddlery business before taking up teaching, and was mayor of Marlborough in 1970-71, has brought Marlborough – Local Place Names, up to date with explanations of place names and the inclusion of postcodes.

The book, priced £9.99, available from the White Horse Bookshop, contains eight walks which were tested by some of David’s friends, notably Tony and Margaret Dobie and his daughter Catherine and her husband David Wilford.

In a suffix, David wrote: “Probably I am most indebted to the late G Kempson (another former Marlborough mayor, historian and leading mountaineer), who inspired my father Jesse Chandler to write his original history of Marlborough and also his book on place names on which this edition is based.”

New street names included and explained in the book include those on Marlborough Business Park in Salisbury Road, St John’s Park on the old secondary modern school site in Chopping Knife Lane, and other new developments in the town.