Sherstonfest has been hailed a big success after hundreds turned out to enjoy cider, fine food and eclectic music.

Dub Mafia, The Rinky Dinks, The Soul Destroyers and The Home Fires were among the acts at the village festival in Sherston over the weekend.

Bride-to-be Joanne Gallo-way and her hen party travelled from Abergavenny in south Wales to join in the festivities.

Her sister, Cara Bailey, said: “It was brilliant. We are going to come back next year.

“I’ve been to Glastonbury a few times and I thought this would be a good one for us all to go to.

“The people there were lovely and made us feel very welcome. We had an amazing time.”

The hen party, which was staying at the King’s Arms in Didmarton, decided to visit Wiltshire after hearing about the line-up.

Miss Bailey said: “We loved The Rinky Dinks, but they were all good. We will have to make up another reason to come back next year.

“The weather this year was all right and everyone was in good spirits and up and dancing. It was fantastic.”

Organisers raised interest in the event in January by posting ‘Save the Date’ posters around Sherston to let people know something big was to be announced.

Martin Rea, chairman of the village hall committee, was among the festival-goers throughout the weekend.

He said: “It was brilliantly organised. We had a great time.

“We particularly liked The Rinky Dinks ukulele band on Saturday night. They were really fantastic.

“The organisers sold all their tickets, so I would say there were about 500 people there. I bet all the organisers are laying in a darkened room recovering.

“They put in a tremendous amount of work and did really well.”

Organiser of Sherstonfest, Dave Shephard, said: “It went as well as can be expected, considering the weather.

“People turned up on the Saturday despite the rain, so I was happy.

“It would have been fantastic if the weather had been like it is this week, but what you can do? We live in England. Everybody seemed to love it. We’ve had no complaints so far, which is good because we were right in the middle of the village. Everybody took it on board well.”