Wiltshire "terriers" are currently out in the Texas desert as guests of the US Army, taking part in night exercises with tanks.

Some 150 members of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry will spend a fortnight with the 56th Brigade of the Texas Army National Guard on Exercise Gloworm, continuing an association that began when the Americans joined the Yeomanry at their regimental headquarters at Bovington Camp in Dorset earlier this year.

For the next two weeks, the TA soldiers will be involved in a wide range of training activities, crewing a variety of US Army armoured vehicles, including the formidable M1 Abraham main battle tank.

Lieutenant Colonel Max Rothwell, Commanding Officer of The Royal Wessex Yeomanry, said: "The exchange gives the soldiers a chance to interact and learn from their peers of another nationality and experience another way of life, as well as challenging all the skills which they have learnt through the Territorial Army."

The TA is always looking for new recruits to serve as a critical part of the nation's defence forces.

Reservists are paid for the time they train - a minimum of one evening a week and six weekends a year, often including adventurous outdoor pursuits such as skiing, diving, canoeing and abseiling.

Young men and women with leadership potential are in particular demand to train as officers, acquiring leadership and management skills which can prove invaluable in the work place.

For information about the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, contact the unit's recruiting officer, Captain Adrian Pegler on (01929) 402024 or TA recruitment in the South West The Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadets Association on 0800 220 953.