Bowood Dog Show and Summer Fair is now little more than a month away and dog owners from all over the county will be hoping their pooch walks away with a prize.

For the past six years families have been bringing their pets along and entering them into the various classes.

Last year two very special whippets took best in class. Former rescue dogs Monty and Dave’s story doesn’t end there – the pair spend their time bringing pleasure to people with dementia.

Monty and Dave were top dogs in the non-pedigree class and are frequent visitors to the Sidmouth Club, run by Alzheimer’s Support, in Devizes.

Monty, who came from Bath Cats and Dogs Home, and five-year-old Dave, from an RSPCA home in the north of the country, love being made a fuss of by members.

Club manager Grant Newton, who owns the dogs, said: “I took Monty and Dave into the club and two of the members spent virtually the whole morning with them.

“There is one lady here who doesn’t remember my name but she always remembers the dogs’ and asks for them when they are not here.

“Three of our members had to give up their dogs when they moved to sheltered accommodation and it is great for them to have that contact again. It sparks memories and conversations about their own former pets.”

Paula Sanford, a physiotherapist with the Avon and Wiltshire Partnership, who visits the club regularly, said: “There is plenty of research showing that animals are therapeutic. Monty and Dave are incredibly calm dogs and you see the service users stroke them and talk about them and talk to them. The dogs don’t ask them to repeat themselves or remind them that they have said that already.”

Phil Bonardi, son-in-law of 95-year-old club member Jack Endersby, said: “The dogs provide great stimulation and make him look forward to going to the club. He always remembers what he did with the dogs.”

Lady Lansdowne, president of the dog show, said: “This story warms my heart so much and helps me realise the wider implication of putting on the show.

“The event has brought so many charities to the fore, not just as recipients of donations, but giving examples of how they make a difference in the community.”

The show has been running for six years and raised £132,000 for local charities. This year’s show will be on June 10.