A Lebanese cedar tree is being planted at Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Potterne headquarters next week to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The planting – on Wednesday at 1.15pm - will be carried out by the new Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Sarah Troughton, on her first visit to the service.

The tree has been donated by Wiltshire Tree People, a charity marking the Jubilee by funding similar schemes across the county.

Among the guests invited to the ceremony will be Bishop John Neale and other members of Wiltshire Tree People; representatives of the Wiltshire Retired Firefighters’ Association, who initially suggested that a tree should be planted; the chairman of Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority, Brigadier Robert Hall; and service personnel.

Chief Fire Officer Simon Routh-Jones said: "I am delighted the new Lord Lieutenant has agreed to plant this commemorative tree for us.

"A Diamond Jubilee is something very special, and I look forward to seeing the tree grow and flourish."