TEEN Abby Blythe and her four-year-old Jack Russell Dizzy are top dogs after taking home a prestigious prize at Crufts.

Abby, 16, of Drake Crescent, Chippenham, came first in the under-25s agility category, making Dizzy top small dog in the UK, and fifth in the grooming category.

The Hardenhuish sixth form student, who is studying history, geography, biology and psychology, said she was proud of her little dog.

“It was the most brilliant day,” she said.

“I loved it. Dizzy and I have worked on agility longer than I’ve been working on grooming – I’ve been doing agility with dogs for the last six years, but both of the categories were brilliant.

“When we competed last year, we didn’t do very well because Dizzy was just too young. A dog has to be two to take part, and he was too close to the youngest age a dog can be for Crufts, but this time was so much better.”

Abby has owned Dizzy since she was 12, even training him herself.

The family also has two German shepherds and a collie cross, but the schoolgirl says she has the closest bond with the Jack Russell.

“Waiting before the competition was quite scary, but then when we started, I didn’t even think about being nervous,” Abby said.

“I was just concentrating on me and Dizzy and all the things we’d been practising.”

Agility competitions test a dog’s fitness and the handler’s ability to train and direct the dog over and through obstacles.

The test is fast, furious and a great favourite with competitors and spectators.

Abby said: “I do prefer agility, although I liked both sides of the competition – it’s so lively.

“I did really enjoy the grooming side of things, and I’d love to qualify for Crufts next year too and have another go at both grooming and agility.”

Abby won a big glass trophy and two rosettes for her efforts at the competition.

“We compet-ed against 50 or so other people and their dogs in the agility category so it was amazing to win,” she said.

“Dizzy was just fantastic, and I’m very, very happy.”