Calne's spookiest untold stories will get an airing this weekend as the town’s first ghost walk takes place.

Friends Jackie Notman – who is a dowser – and author Sonia Smith organised the ghost walk due to their shared love of everything supernatural.

They appeared in the Gazette and Herald earlier this month, asking for readers to send in their ghoulish stories of Calne’s most haunted corners, and were delighted with the response.

Mrs Notman, of St Dunstan Close, said: “We have got a whole load of stories for the walk now, lots of people called in with their tales and they are all every interesting. Many of them are new to us.

“We have been researching them and they have all been added to the walk. We had all sorts of people calling up, which was wonderful. An 82-year-old woman even rang to tell us about all the ghost stories she had heard.”

The walk takes place on Friday night, after dark, and the pair are hoping it will be the first of many.

Mrs Notman said: “We have had quite a few people interested already and some have booked up for Friday night.

“People obviously like talking about Calne and it almost feels as if we have opened a floodgate for people. I think it will really capture the imagination of anyone who is interested in the town.

“If it goes well we will turn it into a regular thing and we hope to get some handbooks to go with the walk, which will have all of the stories in.”

The first ghost walk takes place tomorrow at 7.30pm, meeting outside the Lansdowne Strand Hotel. Call Mrs Notman on 07920 461574 or email to book a place.