Two Corsham Primary School pupils have called for a mystery dog walker who keeps leaving bagged dog mess outside their house to clean up their act.

Six-year-old Luke Mundy and his sister Tamsin, four, have made a sign which they hope will end six months of misery.

The bags are regularly being left on the grass verge outside their home, in Poynder Road, where they live with their mother Victoria Townsend, 28.

The children, who attend Corsham Primary School’s Pound Pill site, put up the sign on Sunday.

Tamsin said: “We made the sign to stop dog poo being left outside our house.

“It makes us feel grumpy and very sad as we don’t want to play outside when the bags are there.”

The sign, headlined ‘Yuk!’, asks dog-owners not to leave dog mess bags on the street and points out the health hazards posed – including epilepsy and blindness.

Miss Townsend, who works at Corsham Primary School’s Broadwood site, said although she had not seen the offender, she believes the mess is being left by someone walking past her home with their dog either early in the morning or late at night.

She said: “It has been going on for about six months now and it is rather odd as whoever is doing it seems to be picking up the mess, bagging it and then deciding to fling it outside our house.

“It is very peculiar that someone would decide to pick the mess up and then drop it.

“They are doing half the job right by picking it up, but not quite seeing it through.

“It is such an unpleasant thing to be greeted by and, of course, it is rather dangerous when children play out on this street, but hopefully the sign will have a positive effect.”

Miss Townsend said she and her neighbours would rather the rogue dog mess dropper dispose of the bags in one of their wheelie bins rather than leaving them on the ground.

In February, Corsham Police warned dog walkers in the town that they were clamping down on dog fouling.

They introduced more signs to remind residents of the potential punishment they face if they don’t clean up their pet’s mess.

Pet owners who don’t pick up after their animal run the risk of a fine up to £1,000.