James Keeble and Dan Seaford have put down their marker as favourites for the Devizes to Westminster canoe race after winning the Waterside D race between Devizes and Newbury on Sunday.

The pair from Reading Canoe Club finished in ten hours and 12 seconds, well ahead of second-placed senior doubles crew, Lenny Clark and Clive Neale of Tonbridge, with 10:53:01.

Other winners are as follows: Connor Peters, Michael Southey (junior doubles crew, 10:45:20); Shuna Braithwaite, Kat Burbeck (leading ladies, 11:11:29). Isobel Smith, Naomi Smith (junior ladies crew, 11:50:35); Peter Ford and Andy Hodgson (first veterans, 11:28:13); Adam Norfolk (first senior singles, 10:46:07); James Escott (first junior singles,11:33:26).