Two developers, who plan to build more than 350 new homes in Calne, are to appeal after their proposals were rejected by Wiltshire Council.

Hills Group has applied to build 200 homes on land off Oxford Road.

And C G Fry & Son Limited want to build 154 new houses at Silver Street and White Horse Way, on land owned by Lord Lansdowne.

Both sets of plans were quashed at a council Strategic Planning Comm-ittee meeting earlier this month.

Each was turned down for similar reasons, the main one being that they did not fit into the Wiltshire Core Strategy or the neighbourhood plan, which are blueprints for planning in the area.

Now both developers have lodged an appeal and their cases will be heard by the planning inspectorate.

The town council had previously voted against both applications.

Councillor Emma Holton said: “The application to build on Lord Lansdowne’s land is a really good project and had a lot to offer.

“Included within it is the offer to build allotments at the bottom of Wenhill Lane. And the town would get back 14 acres of Castlefields. Both of those would be fantastic additions and would benefit the whole community.

“But I had to vote against the plans because they do not fit into the core strategy.

“Infastructure is the key thing in Calne – we don’t have the infastructure to support large-scale developments. The core strategy and the neighbourhood plan are there to ensure planning is done correctly.”

Coun Caroline Ramsey, who represents Lickhill ward, where the Oxford Road development would be, said Hills’s plans are totally inappropriate for the town.

She said: “This was turned down because there are worries that the development would be totally isolated on the edge of town.

“It isn’t near the town centre, isn’t part of any existing community and it doesn’t fit into the strict guidelines of the planning framework. It wouldn’t fit in to what anyone wants or needs in Calne.”

Members of the public are welcome to comment on the applications – visit to find out more.