Purple potatoes, yellow carrots and salad served over dry ice might sound like something from a Heston Blumenthal menu.

But, after a major refit this week, that is exactly what you will find in the Chippenham branch of Morrisons.

The retail giant is piloting its new ‘Store of the Future’ idea and has chosen Chippenham as one of six outlets for the test run.

There are now more than 600 fresh fruit and vegetable items, some displayed in a misting table, plus new ranges of cheese and cured meats and a patisserie stand.

Store manager Mark Watkinson, 42, said he was pleased with the changes.

He said: “The fresh produce aisle has changed dramatically. There are more than 200 new lines. It has a very European feel to it.

“The misting table not only keeps the veg nice and crisp, but also gives the aisle a lot more theatre. It looks great.

“We also have a massive range of continental meats and cheeses, a patisserie with fresh doughnuts and even a clothing aisle.”

There is also a new flower shop within the branch, making bouquets to order, and an increased selection of wines from around the world.

The store, in Cepen Park North, was closed on Monday for the finishing touches to be put in place and it reopened on Tuesday. Mr Watkinson, who has been the branch manager for three years, said he had no worries about the reaction of customers to the more cosmopolitan feel.

He said: “Morrisons wants to deliver more of a fresh food experience and to give the customer more theatre.

“From what I have seen so far, people have really embraced that.

“I went to one of the other pilot stores in St Albans and people were very positive about it there. And since we have reopened, the response has been amazing.

“I don’t think it will be difficult to sell to people.

“Customers have already told me how fantastic it is and that is very nice to hear.

“The pricing of our goods has been maintained.”

* Come along and meet the Gazette team, who will be in Morrisons today from 10am until 2pm.