STROKE victim Iain McGrory has said he was lucky not to have a relapse after a frightening visit from a bailiff.

Mr McGrory, 47, who lives at Avon Rise, Luckington, with his wife Sarah, 38, and their three children, is registered as disabled.

Four months ago he received a parking ticket in Bath after his official blue badge slipped out of view on the dashboard of his car.

Mr McGrory, who suffered a major stroke three years ago and has since had four less serious ones, appealed, but was unable to attend two hearings in June due to ill health.

To save further stress, he decided to accept the penalty of £110, but was unable to pay it immediately. A bailiff from CCS Enforcement Services, based in Bromsgrove, then arrived demanding £450.

Mr McGrory said: "There are no banks here and I don't carry a cheque book or credit card. He then marched into the house and started taking details of my possessions.

"I said if he gave me 24 hours I could get the money, but he wouldn't have it.

"He was being very intimidating, demanding he had all the money or else my possessions would go.

"I just had this thought of the kids coming home from school and everything being gone."

Mr McGrory called his father-in-law who agreed to pay with a credit card.

Mr McGrory later found out he had been charged hundreds of pounds for the bailiff's time and his use of a van.

"But there was no van and he was in the house for 15 minutes," Mr McGrory said.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau said it believes the sum to be unjust and has challenged it on his behalf.

CCS Enforcement Services appeared on the BBC's Whistleblower programme on Tuesday.

The undercover investigation alleged a number of cases of over-charging and intimidation.

The company has since said it will fully investigate the claims.

A spokesman for the CAB urged anyone struggling to pay a debt to seek advice early on.

She said: "Bailiffs do have certain powers, but they do have certain guidelines they should follow."

More information can be found by contacting the CAB on 0845 120 3707, or visiting or