Ghost hunters spent a night in Chippenham shop Magpie after hearing it was haunted .

A team from the Paranormal Society sat in the dark at the vintage and secondhand shop on Friday.

Manager Gill Goodman and daughter Kate say customers have often complained about been spooked at the Market Place shop.

She was happy for the ghost busters to move in. “I just gave them the keys and let them get on with it,” she said.

“They were there all night and said it was a quiet one, but it’ll take a couple of weeks to go through their tapes to find out if anything was there.

I’ve never been particularly afraid myself, but we do have people saying they get the creeps.”

Visitors say the most ghoulish events happen in the room at the top of the building, where Kate Goodman works on the tills.

“Some people say they feel strange or dizzy when they’re upstairs, and others have said things move of their own accord,” said Miss Goodman.

“We get different reactions. But I’m up there all the time and I’ve never been afraid.”

Mum Gill joked: “The ghosts have much more to be frightened of with Kate keeping things safe up there.

“We have had a few unnatural things happen that we can’t explain. We had a china figurine on the counter above a vase of glass flowers. One day we heard a thud, and when we came in, it had been thrown seven feet away from the counter without breaking the figurine itself or any of the flowers. We also had a glass bracelet that went missing for months, and one day a customer said she had found it on a window sill that we cleaned every two weeks and had never noticed.”

The ghostbusters had torches for their vigil.

Mrs Goodman said: “I told them they were welcome to do whatever they liked as long as I didn’t have to be there at the same time.

“The shop has a lot of history and it’ll be nice to see if anything comes out of this.”

Terry Goodman of the Avon Paranormal Team said: “A colleague of mine had heard about Magpie and we decided to do some investigations.

“We’d heard it was quite a spooky place with a lot of history. We spent the night there from 8pm until about 3.45am.

“It was a quiet night, but we’re looking back through videos and listening to recordings taken, so we’ll see if we find anything.”