Schoolboy Luke Palmer came up with a space age theme for a school technology project – a lifesize model of Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

The year 12 pupil at Hardenhuish School, Chippenham, who has been a die-hard Doctor Who fan since he was ten, designed a garden shed in the shape of the 1950s-style police box.

Luke, 17, who also studies drama, photography and ICT, said: “I want to go into set production. I like taking Doctor Who or Star Wars designs and making darker versions of them.”

The project cost £1,000, took four months to build and three people to assemble.

Luke saved the money to fund it himself.

“I did know that Luke had a passion for sci-fi, and it’s about embracing passion,” said his teacher Ursula Cook. “But obviously I wanted to make sure he was making a commercial, marketable product.

“It’s a quirky design for people who like something that bit different.”

While working on the TARDIS, Luke was also learning lines and making props for his assessed play, and working on video documentaries of his coursework He is also a founding member of Charity Daleks, which raises money for charities such as The British Heart Foundation, PHAB and Marie Curie.

“I was going get it done. One way or another,” he said.

Mrs Cook added: “He’s never taken his eye off the ball.

“I did know that he was very determined. I didn’t think he wasn’t going to pull it off.

“He’s amazing. He’s just an amazing kid.”