The award-winning Aldbourne Youth Council is on the verge of buying its own premises in the centre of the village.

It plans to move out of its present rented building, formerly part of the village’s public conveniences, which it called the CAN.

Andy Devey, one of the youth council’s adult trustees, told the group’s annual meeting last week that they hoped to complete the purchase of the former Hale’s shop and adjoining cottage in The Square within weeks.

Mr Devey said the youth council, which has twice won a prestigious Philip Lawrence award for its community projects, was buying the building outright and would not have a mortgage but he was unable to say how it had raised the money.

The purchase of the former shop and cottage, which have been empty for some years, had been kept under wraps under the name of Project X and members of the youth council were sworn to secrecy until the annual meeting.

In the CAN the youth council has been running computer training for people of all ages and this will continue at the new premises.

The initial plans include a shop and internet cafe and Mr Devey told the youth council members: “There is a lot of work to be done but this will be your own building.

“Plans are being drawn up at the moment which you guys will be able to decide upon before they go to the parish council and Wiltshire Council for approval.

“This is a very exciting project and we have obtained funding for the building initially and will be looking for grants for the work that will have to be done.”