Police officers in Wootton Bassett received a standing ovation at an awards ceremony, recognising their contribution to covering the repatriations.

Several officers from the station, off the High Street, attended the Police’s 19th annual Janes Review Awards in London to pick up a special award for giving up their free time to help cover the repatriations.

Insp Steve Cox, Sgt Dave Stevenson, Sgt Martin Alvis, PC Steve Porter, PCSO Andy Singfield and PC Graham Hurst were the officers at the event.

Insp Cox said it was the proudest moment of his 16-year career.

“We didn’t know we were going to get the award,” he said.

“They played a video which was dedicated to the Wootton Bassett police.

“Very kind words were said about our team and they gave us a standing ovation. My officers are exemplary; they don’t take overtime.

“It is the least we can do for the military families and the brave service personnel serving overseas.

“This reward will remain in Wootton Bassett Police Station so future officers will see it and know we got it for.We get great support from the Ministry of Defence Police, the Dog Section and the Wiltshire roads policing unit who supply officers each and every week.

Video presentations were given by RAF Lyneham Station Commander Group Captain John Gladston, Wootton Bassett town clerk Johnathan Bourne and the Royal British Legion as part of the award.