It was once a venue that drew national stars and audiences of thousands but the old Goldiggers site in Chippenham is now home to a more prosaic business.

Many will remember the fresh faces queuing to enter Goldiggers nightclub on Timber Street, before it closed in 1999.

In its prime the club attracted some of the biggest acts of the 80s, such names as Elvis Costello and the Style Council in 1984, The Smiths with Morrissey a year later, Boy George, Sonia, Damon Albarn from Blur and Bad Manners.

The landmark building was knocked down and rebuilt as 49 flats in 2004 and the ground floor has become home to Academy Insurance firm.

One of the company’s employees, Steve Gawke, 36, of Derriads Green, recalls the days when he used to go clubbing in the place where he now works.

“It’s quite strange being in here because the bit we are in used to be called ‘A Bit on the Side’. It was a bar that ran all the way down the side,” he said.

“I didn’t actually think it would ever change because it was really popular when we were younger.

“It’s a bit of a shame it closed because the clubs they have here now are either very small or not very good. Back in the day we would get people from Manchester and Blackpool, and places like that, come here because it was a well-known club.

“It was weird having people come from so far away to Chippenham. They always had quite big events though.”

The nightclub used to be a cinema until the 1970s, and before then historians in the town believe it was the site of a Norman castle.

In 2003 there were plans to turn the site into an entertainment venue with a themed pub, restaurant and retail facility.

When negotiations failed, the old building became derelict and the demolition men moved in.