Mysterious lights in the sky were spotted by a hairdresser on her way home from Sunday lunch in Chippenham on October 10.

Emma Chorley, 17, had been to the Hungry Horse in Chippenham with her boyfriend, James Sainsbury, and a friend.

They were driving along the A350 near Lacock when she noticed two lights outside the passenger window.

Miss Chorley, who works at Chop and Change hairdressers in Bradford on Avon and lives in nearby Westwood, said: “I knew it wasn’t the sun as that was shining in the other side.

“My boss has talked about seeing lights above Ashley but I have never really believed in that sort of stuff. It looked like what she described. I thought ‘no way’, and got a picture.

“It is the first time I have seen anything like this. I don’t really believe in aliens. I believe there must be something out there other than us, but not little green monsters.”

Miss Chorley’s lights follow on from previous sightings this summer over Trowbridge and Warminster, which some have ascribed to Chinese lanterns.

She said, however: “I have no idea what they could have been but they definitely weren’t Chinese lanterns – I have seen plenty of those.

“It was two lights that looked like they were travelling at speed. They looked a bit like light bulbs but not really like anything man-made.

“It was very strange. And it was also weird that it happened on 10/10/10.”