Thousands of women across the country will be ogling over kitchen designer Luke Perham, of Chippenham, when he appears in Cosmopolitan magazine in the buff.

The 25-year-old beat off competition from hundreds of other men, who were all nominated by their friends and girlfriends to appear in the magazine’s November man edition.

Mr Perham was put forward to pose in the nude for the centrefold photograph by his girlfriend of one year, Jassey Snooks, whom he describes in the feature as “different and extra special.”

Despite having a body Cosmopolitan staff claim is god-like, Mr Perham admitted he is not always confident about the way he looks.

“Guys have fat days too,” he said. “If I haven’t been to the gym for a while I feel rubbish about myself and as though I don’t look my best.

“I feel at my sexiest just after a workout.”

In his interview, Mr Perham revealed he thinks Kelly Brook has an amazing body, and that he prefers women to be natural.

“It’s nice when a girl takes care of her body but not to the extreme that I do. I wouldn’t care if she never went to the gym,” he said.

“Women should just be natural, whether that’s curvy or skinny.”

Mr Perham joins the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Ronan Keating, David James, Ewan McGregor and Eminem, who have all been Cosmo centrefolds in the past.

A spokesman for Cosmopolitan said: “We were amazed at what gorgeous men our lucky readers have hiding away at home.

“Our editorial team then had the tough job of trawling through all the entries to decide which real men had the bod of a Cosmo god.”