Pupils at Priestley Primary School in Calne are getting out and about as they get to grips with landmarks around the world this term.

The topic has already seen school trips to London and Avebury, where the youngsters have learned about the importance of famous landmarks in Britain and around the world.

The headteacher, Andrew Marsh-Ballard, said: “Although it is early on in the year, we have been very busy and we have had some fantastic trips already.

“The children from Years 2 to 6 went to London for a trip on the London Eye as part of the landmarks topic, and they had a great time. The experience they had will transfer back to the classroom as we continue the topic.”

Not only did the children enjoy a trip on the London Eye, but they were shown other famous buildings and monuments around the city, which links into the theme.

Younger pupils from Year 1 and reception class were taken to Avebury, where they learned about the importance of the stone circle.

Mr Marsh-Ballard said: “We have whole school cross-curricular themes here, and this topic links geography and the history of landmarks.”

Later this year the children will begin studying a colder area of the world when they learn about Polar regions with first-hand accounts from local adventurers. A woman explorer is first on the agenda.