Housing giant Barratt Homes says it will consult residents on proposals to build up to 3,000 homes on land to the east of Chippenham.

The developers are working on plans to create a new community on land to the east of Chippenham, but regional land manager Jeremy Sutcliffe said residents will be asked for their views before planning applications are submitted.

“The coalition government is very keen on consulting with residents, and it is something we want to do too,” he said.

“The plans are in the very early stages at the moment and we have spoken with Chippenham Vision, the town council and Wiltshire Council, and we will hold a public consultation with residents in due course.”

While the whole site can accommodate up to 3,200 homes, Barratt is proposing to develop just one section of land initially, with around 700 family homes.

Phase one would see the development of land west of the River Avon and north east of Monkton Park including a local centre, a primary school and public open space along the river.

Mr Sutcliffe said: “What the community centre includes is something we will be consulting on – we will ask if there is a need for a doctors’ surgery, a dentist or a pub and so on.

“Part of the reason we chose this site was because of its location. It is closer to the town centre and is within reasonable walking distance of the town and the train station.”

In the longer term the overall scheme could be developed to include six hectares of employment land, a neighbourhood centre, three new primary schools and a new secondary school.

The land could hold up to 3,200 homes, around 2,700 of which could be built by 2026, but developers are waiting for the outcome of a Wiltshire Council cabinet meeting in November before it can proceed with detailed plans.

“The council will consider the issue of development and growth across the whole county, including Chippenham,” Mr Sutcliffe said.

“One of the purposes of the meeting is to decide what sort of level of development is appropriate, and if they want to reconsider then there is scope for much more modest growth.

“Phase one has the potential to supply more homes as a stand-alone scheme without committing to the larger project.”

Key to plan -

1. Parsonage Way industrial estate

2. Vehicle access

3. Employment use

4. Primary School

5. Local centre

6. Mixed use

7. Allotments

8. Community orchard

9. Link with phase two


11. Riverside park