Youngsters in Chippenham could soon enjoy a string of discos if funding is agreed.

Councillors discussed the option of holding Bluez n Zuz events, which have proved popular in other towns, at a meeting of the area board last week.

The proposal was put forward by senior youth development officer Richard Williams, along with Wiltshire Police, in a bid to provide more activities for youngsters in and around Chippenham.

Mr Williams said: “Rather than have a Bluez n Zuz disco in one place we would move them around different areas, including the villages.”

The proposal outlined six discos, three to be held in Chippenham and the others at Yatton Keynell, Grittleton and Kington Langley.

Transport would be provided and Mr Williams is keen to get young people involved with the organisation.

He said: “We would like to include a number of young people, who could help by running the café for example.”

The discos would be held each month from October to March, and it is hoped between 100 and 200 youngsters will attend.

The bid has been supported by Wiltshire Police, which organise similar discos in other towns such as Calne and Marlborough.

Chippenham Inspector Kate Pain said: “Bluez n Zuz is a tried and tested product that has been hugely successful elsewhere.

“Apparent in this plan is that the young people will be involved in the structure of the bid, right down to being involved in the running of the discos. It would have the approval of myself and my neighbourhood policing teams.”

Councillors voted in favour of the plan and the proposal was delegated to the area board manager to decide whether the £6,000 should be granted.