A lifesize model lion that has taken up residence in Corsham’s Martingate shopping area has proven to be a roaring success.

The creature is just one of 100 lions created for the Lions of Bath project. Many of them are in the city itself, but the stone plinths which are used to weigh down the models have been created by Corsham-based Rudloe Stonework.

Paul Baker, owner of the company, said: “We were approached to make 70 stone plinths for the project and we had just three weeks to do it. When it was all done I thought it would be nice to have one of them right here in Corsham.

“I hope it will put the town on the map because the Lions of Bath organisers are producing a safari trail for tourists to track down all of the lions so hopefully it will bring many people here.”

The lion is jet black with golden eyes and has been named The Grate Lion. It will remain there until October when it will be auctioned off for charity.

The feature was popular with families at Corsham’s Armed Forces Day celebrations on Saturday.