Father and son Steve and Tom Jenner are enjoying success behind the bar since they reopened The Three Crowns in Chippenham two weeks ago.

The pub had been closed for several months and the pair are pleased with business so far.

“We had a good opening weekend and it has been going well since then really,” said Mr Jenner senior.

“It is hard work, but we are enjoying it and hopefully it will get easier as we get used to it all.

“There is a good group of locals who are supporting us, and the real ale drinkers are slowly finding us and starting to check out what we’ve got.”

Although 24-year-old Tom will be the main manager of the pub, he will be helped by his dad and mum Sally, of Bradford on Avon, who found they had to step in sooner than planned.

“Tom will be mainly in charge, but unfortunately he has had a foot injury and we had to take over straight away,” Mr Jenner said.

“It was really bad timing and we have had to shut the pub at lunch times for a couple of days, but he is back in now.”

Injuries aside, the family is looking forward to the summer and a beer festival planned to coincide with the folk festival over the weekend of May 28 to 31.

Mr Jenner said: “We are going to have 27 beers, 18 ciders and six perries, which will be on rotation over the weekend.

“They will be mostly local beers, but some will be from further afield too.”