SERVICE chiefs have welcomed the news that Corsham's major military base has become part of Bath-based Defence Logistics Organisation.

The hi-tech Defence Communication Services Agency, which is based at Basil Hill, is responsible for everything from telephones to information technology and satellite communications for the armed services.

Before the DCSA was formed in 1998, the Navy, Army and RAF dealt with their own communications.

Now the agency has created a common standard for the entire armed forces and some Government departments, and is working to provide military communications across the UK and the world.

From this week it becomes part of the DLO, although it still remains an agency within its own right.

The chief executive of the DCSA, Major General Tony Raper, said it would prove a real challenge in the months ahead.

He said: The traditional distinction between the delivery of telecommunications and IT has been blurred to the point where they are effectively inseparable.

Maj Gen Raper said as a result, the DCSA needed to change from being an information transfer service provider to actually providing complete information services.

He said at the same time as the DCSA became part of the DLO, a number of other organisations became part of the DCSA.

This together with a number of other project teams means the DCSA has gone from a staff of 1,500 to 4,000, with staff working at various locations around Britain and Germany.

DCSA spokesman Lieutenant Commander Susie Thomson said: A number of units have recently moved to Basil Hill from other DCSA sites around the country.

This is likely to continue and reflects our faith in our investment in the infrastructure here.