CAMPAIGNERS fighting for equal parenting rights held a peaceful protest outside the home of a high court judge.

Lord Justice Matthew Thorpe, of Seend, was targeted because of a ruling he made in a recent case involving a child and its estranged parent.

The demonstration, attended by 30 to 40 people, was organised by the Equal Parenting Council, which wants the rights of separated parents dealt with more fairly by the family courts.

Peter Weaving, of Trowbridge, said: "I am speaking from personal experience. I was one of the lucky ones. It took me five years to sort out my dispute. Some people have not been able to see their kids for years.

"It is a complex issue but often it is down to decisions of the judiciary. We want to raise awareness, not through hostile protests, but through peaceful demonstrations."

Mr Weaving, a research consultant who specialises in parental alienation syndrome, said the rights of the parent who does not have custody are often forgotten.

He said cases where the courts allow children to be taken abroad against the wishes of the other parent are quite common.