POLICE have questioned the sender of a parcel that prompted an anthrax scare at NPower.

Five hundred people were evacuated from the offices in Eldene Drive when a suspect parcel was reported to the emergency services on Tuesday morning.

Acting Insp John Playfair of Swindon Central Police said: "The author of the letter in relation to the false alarm has been seen by officers and has given what amounts to a reasonable account of the origin of the powder. We don't want to give any more details because it may lead to other copycat incidents."

Yesterday, the police warned that anthrax hoaxers would be tracked down and prosecuted. But it seems the latest scare was innocent and no-one will be charged.

Tuesday's false alarm was the third which took place in the town in a week.

Other companies affected were the Royal Mail sorting depot in Dorcan and Book Club Associates at Groundwell.