THE Front Garden Action Group is bloody but unbowed following its High Court defeat at the hands of Swindon Council.

FRAG failed in its bid to prevent homes being built on the tract of land to the south of Swindon.

But chairman Terry King says it still aims to minimise the environmental impact of whatever building work goes ahead.

And he is optimistic that the £11,000 FRAG was ordered to pay towards the council's court costs will be found.

Mr King and 11 of the group's committee members met at the King's Arms Hotel in Old Town to discuss the impact of the High Court judgement.

Mr King said afterwards: "There are a number of things in Mr Justice Ouseley's 53-page decision document that we want to discuss with Swindon Borough Council, the developers and their consultants.

"In particular, one paragraphs says that the council must take into account any unforeseen items that crop up.

"Any issue that comes up between the time of the judge's decision and the renewed planning application must be considered."

Mr King added that FRAG intended to monitor issues such as potential flooding of the Front Garden, environmental concerns and the question of how much of the land could be used for homes if a new football stadium was also to be sited there.

Swindon Town hopes eventually to build a new ground near the West Swindon junction of the M4, which would double up as a sports and leisure centre for the public.

Mr King added: "We have also decided that, whatever happens, we would like to preserve as much of the land as possible as a country park area."

FRAG has already paid £13,000 towards its own legal bill of about £20,000 for the hearing and Mr King believes there are sufficient funds to cover the deficit.

However, that still leaves a possible £11,000 to be paid towards Swindon Council's costs the figure was set as a maximum by the judge.

Earlier this year Mr King said feared he might be bankrupted. But he said today that members of the committee, along with other supporters, had pledged to try to meet the costs.