The cloisters at Lacock Abbey are undergoing a transformation, ready for the filming of Harry Potter 2.

They will soon become the classrooms of Hog-warts School for wizards, in the second Warner Brothers film based on the novels by JK Rowling.

Secrecy surrounds the exact date filming will begin, but Red Lion pub landlord Chris Chappell confirmed his accommodation had been fully booked for about four weeks early this year.

Geoff Mowday, speaking for the National Trust in Wessex, said filming would take place over the next month.

"The National Trust has a policy of developing filming opportunities ," he said.

"The real test of the growth or benefits will happen this year, when the cloisters open properly in March.

"The first film will have been out for four months and we are hoping it will attract extra visitors to the property and the cloisters area."