HULLAVINGTON Barracks will be renamed Buckley Barracks after a former war hero to mark it's tenth anniversary tomorrow.

The barracks will be named after John Buckley who was a member of the Ordnance Corps, which later became the Royal Logistic Corps, when it formed in Hullavington in April 1993.

Conductor Buckley, commissionary of ordnance in the Bengal Ordnance Department, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his courage and bravery during the 1857 Indian Mutiny.

Buckley and eight fellow soldiers defended the Delhi magazine, containing ammunition, even though they were vastly outnumbered.

Rather than let the ammunition fall into enemy hands they decided to blow up the building and themselves.

Miraculously four of them, including Buckley, survived. He was then captured by the enemy and discovered his family had been murdered by the rebels.

Captain Claire Cobley, from Hullavington Barracks, said the name Buckley had been chosen for two reasons.

"Buckley has been adopted for his association with the history of founding units of the RLC and also for his bravery, dedication and selfless qualities. These are all qualities we try and instil in our soldiers today, particularly now as the regiment is preparing to depart for operations in Iraq."

The renaming ceremony will take place at noon with a special parade.