The SwindonCard seems to have thrown up more problems than solutions for more many people.

According to its critics, the concessionary scheme is apparently confusing to apply for, costs more than its predecessor and has been introduced alongside across-the-board price rises in council services.

Even those councillors who played a part in its introduction admit there have been a number of teething troubles, and are currently working to put them right.

They say it is a new card and so there are bound to be some anomalies or problems in the early stages.

But whatever is being done to put things right, it is not likely to be enough to keep those people featured in today's paper happy.

They have been messed about enough and all they seem to have been given is a lot of excuses.

It is all very well introducing a concessionary scheme, but don't use it as a mask to put prices up.

So it seems that the council has a lot more to do to convince people that the SwindonCard is worth the money.