MAY 12: PRESIDENT Bush may have declared the war in Iraq over but protests continue at the US airbase in Fairford.

Long-standing opponents of the base, Faringdon Peace Group, staged a sponsored walk to Fairford carrying white cardboard doves.

On arrival they hung the doves on the fence around the base and handed in a letter of protest addressed to the base commander.

Throughout the Iraq war B52 bombers took off from RAF Fairford, prompting a series of peace protests.

Jenny Chesterton, who attended the demonstration on Saturday afternoon, said: "We are saying there is another way. They didn't have to bomb Iraq.

"The Iraqi people are now having to face the devastation caused by the conflict.

"We are also very concerned about the unexploded ordnance and the far-reaching effects of the depleted uranium ordnance that was used.

"We want to raise awareness and ensure this base is never again used for these purposes."