SWINDONCARD FEATURE: The new SwindonCard is available to everyone, both residents and non-residents of the town, and can be used all day every day to receive discounts on services.

There are three main types of SwindonCard.

The first is the baseline card and is available to everybody. It costs £15 for adults in the borough and £22 for those outside the borough. The basic card offers discounts of up to about 30 per cent. Concession One SwindonCard holders can benefit from larger discounts of up to around 50 per cent, depending on the activity.

The card is not available to all only those aged under 16, full-time students, council employees and those receiving benefits including Incapacity Benefit, Disabled Person's Tax Credit and Mobility or Attendance Allowance. Concession Two SwindonCard holders can benefit from discounts of up to 90 per cent on the full price of some activities and facilities. Concession Two cardholders can only qualify for the card if they are over 75 years old or receiving benefits including Income Support, Job Seeker's Allowance and Council Tax Benefit. They pay nothing for the card.