SWINDONCARD FEATURE: Kathy Jefferies, 35, from Covingham, an administrator for nPower, pays for her daughter Lauren, nine, to have swimming lessons at the Health Hydro.

Kathy bought a Concession One card for her daughter but she feels forced to have a SwindonCard because of the price rises brought in by Swindon Council.

She said: "I was really impressed with what I heard about the card when it first came out, so I decided to buy one for Lauren because I understood the discounts would be quite large.

"I have been paying around £27 to £30 each term for the swimming lessons, but then without warning the council increased that to £56 for each term. Only by having the SwindonCard is the price for the term reduced back down to around £27.30.

"I think the price increase is disgusting. It certainly did not seem to be advertised and the only way people are going to be able to pay is by having a SwindonCard, so you are forced to have one to avoid paying the enormous price rise.

"I am fortunate in that because Lauren is nine we only have to pay £2 for the card. If I had to pay more I would probably be a little more miffed right now."