SWINDONCARD FEATURE: Emma Godbold, 36 a childminder from Covingham, pays for her nine-year-old son, Connor, to attend a sports holiday camp at the Dorcan Leisure Complex each year.

Until a price increase earlier this year, the cost each day for the camp was £12 or £11.20 if booked for the whole week.

Emma said: "That was quite expensive, but Connor really enjoyed himself because of all the different sports.

"Then I read the SwindonCard application form and saw that as a Concession One he would receive a 50 per cent discount on courses run by the council."

A price increase was announced in time for the Easter holidays and the price per day rose to £15.30, but with a Concession One card, the price per day increased by 60p to £11.80 per day and there is no whole week discount.

This is in spite of the card application form saying that Connor would receive the 50 per cent discount.

Emma explained: "I went to the Dorcan complex and spoke to the staff and they agreed that there was no 50 per cent discount but only 23 per cent. It clearly says Concession one SwindonCard holders will benefit from a 50 per cent reduction when they book one of these courses."

She added: "I just want to let people know that we are being duped into buying these cards. If the council wanted to make more money via their leisure facilities, they should have just increased the prices.

"They should not increase them by large amounts and then tell us that by buying this card we will make great savings.

"We are not saving anything, only spending more by having to buy a card to increase their coffers.

"Myself and my husband are so mad we refuse to buy a Swindon Card."