AROUND 250 Swindonians joined the 15,000-strong Moonwalk in London to raise money for breast cancer charity Breakthrough.

Setting off at midnight on Saturday from Battersea Park the women, and men, walked 26-miles through the streets of London with their bras on show.

As well as four coach-loads which set off from the Link Centre, there were eight workers from Thameswood Veterinary Clinic who went to London and back in a limousine.

Linzi Matthews, from the Thameswood team, said: "We do something for charity every year and it's usually to do with animals.

"This year we decided to choose breast cancer because one of the girl's sister's suffered from it. We've also had clients who have had breast cancer and unfortunately one died.

"We got a good discount from the limousine company because it was for charity and we thought we would do it in comfort."

Joining the Swindon walkers were Swindon mayor Stan Pajak and council chief executive Simon Birch.

They both wore bras decorated on the theme of the animated children's programme the Magic Roundabout.

Councillor Pajak said: "It was a fantastic experience but really hard.

"I've run a marathon before but this is the first time I've walked one and it's much harder."