A STRATEGY has been set in motion to preserve Swindon's wildlife for future generations.

The inaugural Swindon Biodiversity Action Plan conference was held on Saturday at Hreod Parkway School.

The plan will link with national and regional action plans to demonstrate how wildlife can be protected, maintained and enhanced.

Neil Pullen, Swindon Council wildlife officer, said: "The food you eat, clean air you breathe, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the water you drink, all rely on healthy, living ecosystems.

"Scientific research shows that simply three minutes spent in a greenspace, be that in the town or countryside, will lower stress levels significantly.

"We need to plan now to ensure that the children of the future have the opportunity to experience a Swindon as rich in wildlife as the one we have today or even more so."

The plan calls for input from a coalition of Swindon people, including community groups, organisations, businesses and landowners.

Julia Drown, MP for South Swindon, spoke on why Swindon's biodiversity was important for quality of life.

The conference then based a workshop on five features within the Swindon borough: water, farmland, urban development and woodland.