I WAS shocked to read (EA, Saturday, May 3) of the continuing difficulties faced by Berkeley Farm Dairy in its efforts to maintain a viable business.

I would like to urge everyone in the Old Town and Wroughton areas who are concerned about the environment to seriously consider taking milk deliveries from Berkeley Farm.

Not only is it a very good product, much fresher than supermarket milk, but it is produced locally, reducing the fuel required to transport food over long distances and it is delivered in re-usable glass bottles.

Additionally, Berkeley Farm lies between Swindon and Wroughton, so anyone concerned about the two places merging into one urban sprawl should do all they can to prevent it happening by ensuring Mr Gosling remains in business and is not tempted to follow our beloved Council and sell out to developers.

Incidentally, I buy my milk from Berkeley Farm and I am not on commission for this letter!


Old Town