AS a veteran trolley collector (along with several of the Abbey Meads and Penhill residents), and one who frequently phones up regarding this to Asda, may I make two points.

Asda tries to retrieve its trolleys on a regular basis, but to my mind it is the certain people who are irresponsible in the way they take them home and then dump them, that are the culprits. It is like blaming the stores for shoplifters.

If customers really do count, then maybe instead of complaining to one another about this, we should write to the store and ask for this loop system to be introduced.

A few of us did last year, and will do so again the situation is an ongoing one.

Maybe when we go in to do shopping, a letter could be handed in to the information desk, or just write to Mark Pollard, the general manager, to express one's opinion. I am sure things could change.

Brian Sweetman