INCREDIBLE though it may be, there are still people who deny the Holocaust.

Ted Sankey, whom you featured on Easter Monday, knows how lucky he is to have survived Theriesenstadt concentration camp.

In June 1944 Dr Rossel, a delegate from the Berlin office of the Red Cross, visited the camp with two members of the Danish Red Cross.

They were taken around the old fortress city, talked to the Jewish Council of Elders who appeared to run the camp, and took some photographs.

Afterwards the Reichsprotector gave them a good dinner.

Rossel reported to the International Committee of the Red Cross that the camp was a clean and cheerful place and the inhabitants looked well fed. "It is even possible to get hold of things unfindable in Prague."

The surgery was well equipped. There was a good library and several orchestras.

The visitors were accompanied throughout by high ranking German officers and it was not a surprise visit.

As a footnote to this letter mine the acting president of the German Red Cross Dr Ernest Grawitz supervised medical experiments on humans in the concentration camps.

He held his Red Cross until the end of World War Two.

There's a great deal more information in Dunants dream, a history of the Red Cross by Caroline Moorehead. She also covers the Japanese POW camps.