IT is no surprise that New Labour have lost a great number of seats and the control of many councils at the recent local government elections.

The vote no doubt reflects the feeling of the electorate because Labour has let them down.

It is difficult to find any area where there has been success their policy on education, health, agriculture and fisheries, transport, emigration and law and order have failed miserably.

Tony Blair has been unable to convince the electorate particularly regarding the war on Iraq.

It is bad enough for any Labour government to lead us into war but to have lined up alongside a right wing American President is unthinkable.

Every day it becomes more difficult to justify the war.

Electors really do wonder why it is that our Labour government can spend so much money on a fruitless war yet fail to deal with our own poor and homeless citizens.

My own feeling is that Tony Blair and his party have become smug and complacent because of their huge majority and the lack of a strong opposition.

People mainly vote Labour because they believe it is a party with a conscience, a party of fairness, justice and fraternity.

Have they turned their backs on these values?

Sid Walker