MAY 13: CORPORAL Michael Fitzgerald's daughter Elaina is delighted to see her dad back home.

The 12-yearold Hreod Parkway pupil said: "I have had my Sats exams at school this week and I think I have not done very well, it has been really hard without dad.

"I didn't want to come to meet him at first because I was worried I would be upset, it is hard to take it all in."

And 26-year-old project manager Sarah-Jane Masters, one of the few women soldiers in the Gulf, was pleased to see her mm Mandy.

She said: "It was a macho environment and I missed my mum a lot, everyone misses their mum.

"It was a really good experience and I feel like I have proved myself. There are some things women can't do but I know we can do a good job regardless of what some people say about women being in the Army."