DYSLEXIC children will be able to enjoy a space-themed summer holiday course near Swindon.

Based at Pinewood School, Bourton, the course will offer seven to 13-year-old dyslexic children a fun way to boost their literacy, numeracy, creative and thinking skills. It is available for the second year running and will be based around the classic HG Wells story, The First Men in the Moon.

As many dyslexic children experience difficulties with numeracy the course also offers them a series of mathematical challenges.

The course is run by one specialist teacher to every eight children, who use multi-sensory dyslexic teaching techniques to help boost children's skills and self-confidence.

Places are limited. For full details, contact course organiser Ann Varley, of the Aston House Dyslexia Consult-ancy on 01249 713275.

The consultancy has been running a successful summer course in Bath for four years.