Michael 'Mikey' Knight, 19, has lived on the streets for three years.

Life on the streets started for Michael Knight like it does for so many young people.

He lost the roof over his head and now has a daughter he rarely sees.

He said: "People look down on you, think you are dirty.

"You get trouble now and then. It's a tough life. Living on the streets is not safe. We stick together but you know that you cannot trust anyone.

"Everyone has their own private places, safe places where you can go if you are in trouble."

Michael gets Jobseekers allowance and says he is trying to find work, but that is difficult without a permanent address.

He says a day's hard work is made all the harder when you cannot come home, shower and put on clean clothes.

He has done casual temping work but once employers start to ask questions about his background, the job usually comes to an end.

He said: "I try to make my money last, not like some of the others who blow it all right away, but how much can you make £40 a week last?

"I would be happy to do any work, just to have a stable job and a nice house and be able to see my daughter more because she hardly knows me.

"I only want the things that everyone else wants.

"I look smart because that is how I live. I will never get used to living on the streets."