IN your article Call to Resign (Wed May 7), Father Leslie Pinfield is said to have received an apology, Coun Dickinson says he has not issued an apology and Coun Pajak, the Mayor says there have been no letters of apology.

Who is not telling the truth? The Mayor says it is sour grapes. It may be to the ousted candidate but I would suggest it is not to the voters.

Coun Dickinson claims on the door step to be an honest, trustworthy, and hard working person. The leaflet that caused the Advertisers headline is far from honest, it is deceitful. To use the church and our parish priest in this way is disgraceful and the Liberal Democrats should be ashamed. This type of election campaigning will not do their cause any good.

I would thank The Advertiser for bringing this issue to the public's attention, but how many other similar situations are there which we will never know about? People are fed up, apathy is still growing, we need councillors who can be trusted, are honest and open who will put the people of Swindon as their first priority.