FOR Peter Scott, a retail fruit and vegetable merchant, RouteMap has opened his eyes to how best to run his business.

Mr Scott, who lives in Salisbury, set up Wilts Produce at South Newton two years ago and earlier this year went to Lloyds TSB to see if it could improve his banking facilities.

"I got talking to Dave Shenton and he suggested I try RouteMap," he said. "I thought I would give it a whirl and I have found it very useful."

Mr Scott said he had been working through the modules and setting priorities.

"I had been doing what I was doing with no real plan," he said. "When I sat down with Dave it was like having a business partner in the room.

"We talked about financing a new vehicle and discussed starting a pension I have never got round to that.

"But the most important thing was prioritising and putting in order the things that need doing."

Having someone to bounce ideas around with was also helpful, Mr Scott added.

He said the nature of his business meant that he worked very long days.

RouteMap had helped him think about taking on a member of staff to relieve some of the pressure and taking a holiday.