FORCES Reunited - the website for reuniting ex-servicemen personnel - is becoming a big hit for the older generation surfers.

The organisation ran a survey of its members and found that more than 500 of them are over the age of 80 - and another 5,000 are above 70 years of age.

Swindon-based managing director Dominic Hayhoe, said: "This completely disproves the theory the web's just for young and hip people anymore, with more and more 'silver surfers' using it day in and day out.

"We were slightly surprised by these numbers although we already knew we had plenty of retired people on our database.

"Unfortunately, some people still do not have access to the internet that are looking for friends, so we have provided a telephone service as well now to compliment the website," Mr Hayhoe said.

The group's website is:

Those without access wishing to find forces' friends can call 0113 368 4a440.