Ref. 25792-08BOOKS may not be at the cutting edge of technology such as DVDs or games console, but an infant school has relaunched a scheme to get children away from the computer screen and back to reading.

Asda supermarket in West Swindon has given Oliver Tomkins Infant School in Toothill £350 to get its story sack project on its way.

The school will have a library of the sacks for the pupils to take home.

Each features a storybook and material to complement it such as games, puppets or a soft toy.

The scheme was laun-ched a decade ago but now the sacks are worse for wear and the relaunch will come in time for the new intake of pupils in September.

Headteacher Penny Summers says that books have to compete with television, videos and computer games for children's attention and the sacks help introduce youngsters to the joys of reading.

She said: "Everything in the sacks encourages children to read at home and with their parents. It is trying to get children to look at books and make them fun and exciting.

"There is nothing wrong with television or computers in moderation but there is nothing quite like reading a book," Ms Summers said.