Ref. 25820-10SOUTH Swindon MP Julia Drown was showing off her eight-day old baby yesterday at her Bath Road constituency office.

Ottilie Ellen, who was born at home weighing 6lbs 8oz, seemed oblivious to the assembled newspaper photographers as she slept soundly in her mother's arms.

Ms Drown, 40, admitted that she was still feeling tired but elated. "I'm feeling very well. I plan to take things easy over the coming months and enjoy spending time with Ottilie," she said.

She explained that her three-year-old son Harvey had taken Ottilie to his heart.

"He has been very good about the whole thing. He is very proud of his little sister."

She vowed she would continue to fight for the right to breast feed in the Chamber of the House of Commons.

"I will be able to feed Ottilie in some areas of the House but not in the main chamber. I hope that the House of Commons will eventually adopt a modern approach to this issue. I think they will get there in the end."

Ottilie is the third child to Ms Drown and her husband Bill, a philosophy lecturer at Oxford University.

Labour MP Ms Drown became Wiltshire's first female MP when she won the newly created South Swindon seat in the 1997 election.

The name Ottilie is derived from the Celtic meaning little wealthy one.