Ref. 25815-18ORTHOPAEDIC WALK: VOLUNTEER ambulance driver Mike Large, 74, has had his life transformed thanks to the work of the orthopaedic department.

Three years ago, Mike, a retired design engineer from Cricklade, was unable to walk without the aid of a pair of walking sticks.

"My knees were worn out completely. The surgeons attempted to carry out keyhole surgery on one of my knees, but the damage was too great."

Surgeons, then based at Princess Margaret Hospital, were able to remove both of his damaged knee joints and replace them with a two-piece metal replacement.

"It is incredible. The new joints work perfectly and there is no pain at all. It is brilliant what they can do.

"I feel it is important that people realise the important work that is carried out by this department.

"I shall be joining them for the walk and I would urge former patients and anyone else to take part.

"Don't be put off by the idea of a walk, it is just a gentle stroll."